Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The use of air transport for human trafficking, carriage of endangered species and illicit substances as well as the increasing cases of sexual harassment and other forms of unruly behaviors at airports and on board of airplanes are emerging challenges that need to be addressed urgently.

Civil society further desires an air transport industry that offers robust protection for the rights of consumers and the general public, ensures healthy conditions of transport, promotes gender equality, meets the needs of the younger generation and provides accessibility and mobility to persons with disabilities and an aging population.

Society also benefits immensely from the quick and effective provision of air services during humanitarian disasters and emergencies.

It is noteworthy that innovative systems, processes and procedures can greatly assist in many of these aspects and that eventually, only technologies that meet the social needs of people will thrive in the aviation marketplace.

We engage and promote:

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Key partners and stakeholders
  • Meetings and events
  • Industry best practice and guidance
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