Projects & Services

Projects & Services

In carrying out its mission iPADIS advocates, campaigns and lobbies globally for an aviation industry that develops in a sustainable manner and reduces its negative impact on climate change and innovates and continually meets its social responsibilities. iPADIS further acts as a platform enabling improved communications, networking and knowledge sharing among all its members and stakeholders. It carries out the following specific activities and projects as applicable:

Lobby and collaborate at global, regional and national levels with government and relevant stakeholders to influence necessary changes in public policies, legislation and regulations

Conduct relevant studies and develop draft policies in collaboration with universities, academic institutions and policy think tanks;

Organize and conduct conferences and forums, policy roundtables and dialogues, seminars and workshops;

Promote and facilitate informal consultations and track 2 diplomacy towards convergence of views, collaboration and resolution of conflicts among States and industry stakeholders;

Source funding and provide aviation training and scholarships to benefit the aspiring young male and female generation as well as aviation professionals from developing countries and the local underprivileged communities;

Source resources and support the quick restoration of air services to enable timely delivery of food, medicines, and other humanitarian relief materials to disaster areas during earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, health epidemics, medical and other emergencies;

Raise funds, grants, donations and other resources from the public and private organizations to support its activities and charitable causes; and

Collaborate with ICAO and other UN Agencies; AU, EU, ACAO, AFCAC, ECAC, LACAC, and other intergovernmental regional organizations; IATA, ACI, CANSO, Aircraft Manufacturers and other Aviation Organizations; the World Bank, Regional Banks and other financial institutions; other NGOs, charitable organizations and Foundations; as well as with the Canadian Federal, Quebec Regional and Montreal Municipal partners on areas of common interests and activities.


iPADIS organizes international events that would bring together industry leaders across multiple disciplines, aircraft designers and manufacturers, airport subject matter experts, regulatory bodies both local and international, experts in sustainable development, financiers and educators etc to address industry concerns and showcase an innovative solution that would help advance the development of the aviation industry in a socially responsible and sustainable manner.


iPADIS assists subject matter experts by providing a platform to increase visibility, generate awareness and subsequently facilitate debate and industry adoption of innovative ideas that advance environmental sustainability, social responsibility and financial viability of the aviation sector.

Youth Development

iPADIS provides the following:

  • Training and mentorship
  • Funding
  • Career development assistance
  • Placement assistance
  • Validation of innovative ideas and invention
  • Contacts and recommendations
  • Platform to demonstrate ideas and solicit support
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