Powered flight is one of humanity’s most amazing accomplishments ever and innovation has been throughout a hallmark of aviation since the very first aircraft were even conceived.

iPADIS promotes technological innovation in aviation not only in enhancing safety, security and efficiency globally but also in supporting new technologies that can broaden the benefits of aviation to civil society and businesses such as the use of drones, urban air mobility, e-passports and travel documents, advanced passenger/cargo screening, biometric and information systems, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cyber-security technologies etc.

iPADIS strongly believes that Innovation will be the key enabler in meeting the aviation industry’s environmental goals through the development and deployment of innovative green aviation technologies such as electric and solar-powered aircraft, new sustainable aviation fuels and other climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Innovation also benefits developing and emerging economies in leapfrogging outdated and costly legacy aviation systems and in bridging historical technological gaps.

New and innovative technologies require the consideration of fundamental principles, including intellectual honesty; technical, economic, social, ecological and environmental advancement; respect for human rights: privacy protection for personal information and data; equality of access and non-discriminatory application.

We review and promote:

  • Progressive technologies
  • Innovative developers and manufacturers
  • Cutting edge research and publications
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